Fitness Center

While the Fitness Club is one of the “younger” clubs at Roadhaven, established in February of 2000, it is also one of the larger clubs, with approximately 400 members. The Wellness Center was first established in the old Golf Pro Shop next door to the Cantina. That space was nearly doubled with an addition, in time for the 2009/10 season. The continuing growth and popularity of the facility has made even that space seem inadequate at times. In the 2013/4 season, we added the services of a personal trainer, to provide a professional augmentation of the services provided all along by volunteers.

The latest improvement to the facility was the May 2014 replacement of the stretching and strength equipment. The new equipment is pictured at the left. This involved an investment of $19000, by the Fitness Club Board. This investment was 100% funded by the fees paid by the members who use the facility.

As well as the strength equipment mentioned above, the Wellness Center has a full complement of aerobic equipment: exercise bikes, treadmills, and elliptical trainers.  This equipment is located in the new North addition to the Wellness Center, as illustrated in the photo to the right.

You are welcome to visit the Wellness Center – it is open from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day – and is located just to the West (left) of the Cantina main entrance. To join, complete the entry form you will find just inside the door, and mail it as indicated in the in-park mail, with the nominal annual fees ($20 single, $35 couple). There is also a $5 option for short-term visitors. If you require instruction on how to use the various types of equipment, volunteers will be available to help you. You may contact us at

The goals of the Fitness Club include: to maintain the Wellness Center for the use and enjoyment of all members and guests, to offer instruction in the use of the equipment, and to promote a healthy lifestyle through providing educational opportunities on the value of exercise and proper diet.