Clubs - Update Your Pages

Clubs are responsible for sending updates for their web pages to the Roadhaven webmaster at

All information that will appear on your page should be sent in a Word document or similar format as the webmaster will copy and paste your info onto your pages on the website.
All meeting minutes, charter, bylaws, and agendas will be linked to your page and should be formatted as a PDF file and then sent to the webmaster.

Use regular sentence structure - do NOT use all capital letters.

This includes any or all of the following:
  • Listing of Officers of your Club
  • Club Charter or ByLaws
  • Club Hours
  • Club Meeting Minutes
  • Club Meeting Agenda
  • Club Classes or Labs
  • Memberships/Fees
  • News
  • Alerts
  • Club Monitors
  • Plus any other pages that you have in your Club's section of the website.

Clubs will continue to update their own calendars.

All club announcements should be sent to When possible, please submit your announcement 3 business days prior to your function. This will enable us to consolidate announcements and send out all announcements in a timely manner.