Submit Your Classified Item Listing

Items will be listed for 30 days and automatically removed unless you notify the office and request item to be re-posted.

Please "click" on the following forms to submit your ad to be placed on the Roadhaven website.  Once the content is approved, an email will be sent to all homeowners on the email list.

Goods to be Bought or Sold:
Please limit to larger items such as furniture, golf carts, golf equipment, automobiles, bicycles, appliances, etc.  Smaller items such as dishware, utensils, coffee pots, etc. should be reserved for the patio sales.  Commercial sales are not allowed.  Please notify the office to remove the posting once the item has been sold.

Advertisements are restricted to services solicited by Roadhaven residents or sold by Roadhaven residents to Roadhaven residents. Examples are park model or lot cleaning, property caretakers, bicycle repairs, etc.

Terms & Conditions: 

Roadhaven Resort provides Classified Advertising merely as a service to its members and residents who are solely responsible for preparing the advertisements and dealing with anyone responding to same.

Roadhaven Resort does not endorse any product or service advertised and accepts no responsibility nor liability for the accuracy of any advertisement and is not a party, nor the agent of any party, to any transaction arising from any such advertisement. 

There is no cost to have your listing on the website - we just ask that you let us know when your place is either sold or rented so that the ad can be removed from the website.

If a request to use this service is believed to be inappropriate or not in concert with these general guidelines the request will be refused.

All advertising is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.