Recreational Council

The Roadhaven Recreational Council is appointed annually by the Board of Directors of the Roadhaven HOA to recommend policy governing the social and recreational programs and facilities in the Park, for the mutual assistance, enjoyment, and entertainment of its residents.

The Exceptions to the above are Bingo, which is regulated by the Board under the gaming legislation of the State of Arizona; and Roadhaven Church, which as a religious organization, does not fall within the mandate of the Council.

The Council provides the Activity Office with policy guidelines in the following areas:

  • The regulation of Clubs and activities
  • The regulation of fund raising within the Park
  • The scheduling and use of recreational facilities within the Park
  • The financial accounting system for Clubs

The Council also establishes priorities for the allocation of unrestricted funds as its disposal to appropriate Club activities or Club related Park improvements. 



Committee Chairperson:
Dan Gilgan

Committee Co-Chairperson:

Colleen Nelson


Cindy Weingart

Rich Nelson

Board Liaison:

Sherri Stewart

Ron Kirchner
Gary Moe
Susan Tharp
Ted Reisdorfer
Jeanne Robinson