Planning Committee

The Committee serves as the facility planning consultant for the Board of Directors for matters relative to:

  • Assisting the General Manager to develop, update and maintain the 20 year plan.
  • Recommend and plan for new, expanded or modified facilities or building remodeling activities as approved by the HOA Board and if needed by HOA members by ballot.
  • Assist with Budget recommended projects to enhance and maintain the infrastructure of the resort.
  • Monitoring the planning, execution, and completion of HOA reserve projects.
  • Recommend changes or additions to utilities or other support systems of the resort.
  • Such other duties as requested by the Board of Directors.


Each project identified by the Planning Committee will be vetted by the Board and the General Manager.  Once the Board and General Manager are supportive of the project, a team will be put together from the committee and any other volunteers to fully scope the project. This will require the team in some cases to engage an engineering consultant to produce drawings and provide a construction estimate.  The General Manager will be involved in all facets of this work.