Lots For Rent - By Homeowner

The content of the listings below is provided by second-parties, and Roadhaven Resort cannot verify or guarantee its accuracy and does not endorse the sale or lease of any property or any Realtor.

Properties in Roadhaven are privately owned.  Please contact the homeowner directly if you are interested in renting a lot or require more information about a lot. 

Properties depicted with a blue ribbon are part of the Roadhaven Blue Ribbon Rental Program.  
This program is completely voluntary. Owners of these rental properties must take part in an initial inspection in which program guidelines are used as criteria in designating a Blue Ribbon property.  Once a property has received the Blue Ribbon designation, 
this will be noted on the Roadhaven website listing.


718 Havasupi

 Jan 2019  Apr 2019  Dec 2019
 Available Available Available
 Feb 2019  Oct 2019  
Available  Available  
 Mar 2019  Nov 2019  
 Available Available  

Ron Chapman


Large Lot with large patio and full length awning. Accommodates large RV's. Fully finished shed with washer and dryer. One block to Laundry, Rec Hall, swimming pool, hot tub, shuffleboard, tennis and pickleball. No pets. Electricity not included. $780 per month.
5 month minimum.


264 Kiowa

 October 2018  January 2019 April 2019 
 Available N/A Available
 November 2018  February 2019  May 2019
 Available N/A N/A
December 2018   March 2019  June 2019
 Available N/A N/A

Paula MacKenzie



This is a level lot that you CAN BRING YOUR COACH OR FIFTH WHEEL to. It has plants on the property that give you a relaxing feel. Additional to the lot is also a storage shed with laundry facility. Roadhaven has many amenities such as the 2 pool areas, tennis, pickleball, shuffle board and a 9 hole golf course for your entertainment. Many clubs also include woodshops. Lot size is 1890 sq. ft. and has a shed with a washer and dryer.
$650 per month. 
Electricity is not included.

434 S Seneca Dr
 Oct 2018 Jan 2019 Apr 2019
 Nov 2018 Feb 2018 May 2019
N/A N/A Available
 Dec 2018 Mar 2019  
 N/A N/A  

Debbie Brown


Centrally located lot on quiet street with easy access to main gate and just around the corner from main pool, Rec Hall and facilities. Large well constructed metal awning and 6' by 8' shed. Enjoy the morning sun on the patio!
$750 a month plus electric OBO, water and sewage included. More months available if needed.


604 Zuni

Oct 2018   Jan 2019 Apr 2019
 N/A Available  N/A
Nov 2018  Feb 2018 May 2019
 Available Available  N/A
 Dec 2018 Mar 2019  
Available  N/A   

James Flikkema


Large lot with full size shed with washer and dryer - centrally located within steps of the main pool area - lot backs up to shuffle board area - concrete patio and concrete drive way.
Available November 2018 thru February 2019 - $800 per month
4 month minimum - no pets - electric not included - $1,600 deposit needed to secure rental

607 Zuni

 Oct 2018 Jan 2019 Apr 2019
Available  N/A  Available
Nov 2018 Feb 2019 May 2019
 N/A  N/A Available
Dec 2018 Mar 2019  
 N/A N/A   

Lynn Cook


Corner lot with large patio and shed with washer/dryer.
$675 per month plus electricity.

2916 Cree

 Oct 2018 Jan 2019  Apr 2019
 Available N/A N/A
Nov 2018   Feb 2019 May 2019
 N/A N/A N/A
Dec 2018   Mar 2019  
N/A N/A  

Tom Beavers


Nice large concrete lot. Large shed with kitchen sink, frig, washer/dryer, and bath room with shower.
Lots of storage in insulated shed. Quiet street, close to 16th Avenue gate.
$750/month. Electricity and cable/internet not included.


136 Sioux

 Oct 2018 Jan 2019 Apr 2019
 Available N/A N/A
Nov 2018 Feb 2019 May 2019
 Available N/A N/A
Dec 2018 Mar 2019  
N/A N/A  

Keith Togstad


42 foot RV lot with concrete/asphalt in ideal location close to pools, main office, and post office.
There is a nearly new shed on the property with outdoor furniture and BBQ.
Water and sewage are included in the $700 per month rental.


290 Kiowa

 Apr 2018 Nov 2018 Feb 2019
 Available Available N/A
May 2018 Dec 2018 Mar 2019
Available Available N/A
Oct 2018 Jan 2019 Apr 2019
Available N/A Available


Dan Wuthrich


Available for 2018-2019 season! 

Good location with large parking area , shed with washer/dryer, hookups for water sewer electric.
Access to great amenities and a wonderful community.  Best offer.



 401 Seneca
 Oct 2018 Jan 2019 Apr 2019
Available N/A Available
Nov 2018 Feb 2019 May 2019 
Available N/A Available
Dec 2018 Mar 2019  
N/A N/A  

 Lynn Cook
480 338-6234


Corner lot with large patio. Will accommodate up to a 45 ft. RV/fifth wheel.
$675 per month for three months or four months and $650 per month for five or more months.
Rates do not include electricity.


174 Kiowa

 Oct 2018  Jan 2019  Apr 2019
 Available  N/A Available 
 Nov 2018  Feb 2019  May 2019
 N/A  N/A Available 
Dec 2018   Mar 2019  
 N/A  N/A  

Roger Langer

Conveniently located between Phases I & II on the retention area.
Rates for Jan, Feb, March are $750/mo -- or $650/mo for 5 or more months
(does not include electricity)


523 Cheyenne

 Oct 2018  Jan 2019  Apr 2019
 N/A N/A N/A
 Nov 2018  Feb 2019  May 2019
N/A N/A Available
 Dec 2018  Mar 2019  
 N/A N/A  


Joyce Johnston
719 892 0125

 Close to the Rec Hall, pool, laundry and all the activities.
Comes with a P.O. key. Will take a 40ft rig.
Rate for prime months is $800.  Call for rates.


18 Kiowa

 Apr 2018  Dec 2018  Mar 2019
 Available  Available  N/A
 Oct 2018  Jan 2019  Apr 2019
 Available  N/A  Available
 Nov 2018  Feb 2019  
 Available  N/A  


Paula McCormick
908 616 4915

AVAILABLE NOV, DEC, APR for $450 month plus electric.
Or weekly in OCT, NOV, DEC, APR, MAY for $160 a week (includes electric)
Or daily for $28 a day (includes electric)
Will hold maximum of 36 ft RV or trailer