Roadhaven Golf Club

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Golf Shop

Phone 480-982-4653 
(closed for the summer)
Women's Golf League Starts
            Nov 7, 2018

Men's Golf League starts
            Nov 8, 2018

The Golf Course is open daily from sun-up to sun down, weather permitting, which is 98% of the time. Play on the Course must be scheduled through the Golf Shop. The Course is a nine (9) hole, par three (3). Riding carts may be used for handicapped golfers and we offer a cart trail pass as well, and the carts must observe the 90 degree rule. The Course offers a challenge to any golfer’s short game with red, white and blue tee markers, water and other hazards.

The Roadhaven Golf Club is willing and able to recommend methods, procedures, and rules and regulations that will result in the enjoyment of the facilities and provide learning opportunities to interested residents of Roadhaven in golf rules and etiquette.

Membership is limited to residents of Roadhaven Resort, having paid the current membership dues for golf. This includes seasonal or monthly memberships and punch cards. People who do not have a membership can pay a daily fee.

The Roadhaven Golf Club Board meets in the Green Room at the Golf Course, the first Monday of each month during the Winter Season. All meetings are open. A fundraiser Tournaments is held during the season to help purchase equipment for the course. Members also have socials and activities within their respective leagues.

There is a golf league for women and one for men, as well as Cayman golf and other specialty organized groups. There are more than 350 golfers who use our Golf Course on a regular basis during the season.

To contact the Golf club, send a message to Club members are asked to send an email message so their e-mail address can be entered in club address book.