Roadhaven WiFi

There is free WiFi in many of the common areas in the park. These service points are very fast with an average 75Mb download speed and 45Mb upload speed.

Following is a list of the locations of the hot spots:

  • Roadhaven 1 is active in the Card Room, Library and Pool areas
  • Roadhaven 2 is active in the outside areas around the Phase 1 Pool
  • Roadhaven 3 is active in the Recreation Hall
  • Roadhaven 4 is reserved for future use
  • Roadhaven 5 is active in the Dakota Room located in the Apache Building
  • Roadhaven 6 is reserved for the Phase 1 Gazebo area
  • Cantina 1 is active in the Restaurant
  • Cantina 2 is active in the outside seating area of the Restaurant, Phase 2 pool area and Fitness Center.