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Have you ever asked yourself ANY of the following questions?  If so, you are going to want to check out what the Computer Club has to offer in the line of classes, limited technical support, equipment, etc.   Monthly meetings are educational and informative.  Classes are free to all members.  Membership covers everyone in your household! 


              What’s all this about cutting my cable and Streaming TV?  How much can I save?

              Just what is a SMART TV? 

              How can I “download an app”?

              How can I make better use of my SMART phone?

              I need to scan something – where can I do that?

              How can I print out an email attachment, sign it and return it? 

              Could I really have a camera on my front door?

              Can I really control the temperature in my house back home?

              Is there a way for my kids to talk to me face to face online?

              Am I too old to learn about new technology? 

              Could I use my iPad for something more than playing games?

              Why are people buying Chromebook?

              How can I protect my information on the internet?

              How do I make an airline reservation and print my Boarding Pass? 


The Computer Club is more than you might think!  Even if you have your own laptop and maybe even a printer, the Computer Club still has something to offer. 

The Roadhaven Computer Club welcomes each of you to Roadhaven. As you use the website to review Computer Club information, please feel free to contact any of the officers with questions, corrections or additions that may be needed. The current officers are listed under the "Documents" link to the right of the Home Page.

The computer club provides a forum to promote the exchange of information between all computer users within the Roadhaven Resort. We strive to provide a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where computer problems and solutions can be discussed. We offer Saturday morning workshops for members with experts standing by to help with your computer problems and numerous classes on relevant computer topics.  

General Information:
The Roadhaven Computer Club is located at the Northwest corner of the Apache Building. Our club offers several flavors of computer hardware and software. We currently have 8 Lab Stations (both Windows and Apple) for use by our membership and we can accommodate up to 17 laptops with individual seating. This is important because many computer club members choose to bring their personal laptops to training sessions. We also have networked printers/scanners that work from all lab workstations. The lab is configured as a classroom with theater seating and an overhead projector for classes. We have white boards used by instructors in delivery of training. Our primary mission is to provide education and support to our membership with a goal of learning and sharing. Please come and join us! Currently our membership fee is $20 for the entire household of Roadhaven residents.

Computer Lab hours are 9:00 am – 9:00 pm.

The season runs from November to the closing date in March/April as set by the Board of Directors yearly.

The lab door is typically locked and members may enter during that time with the electronic access code they are provided when they join unless there is a class or special event scheduled. Members in good standing may have access to the computer lab and its equipment for general use. Members will receive the door lock code for entry and will use an honor system to pay if they choose to print personal information. We will have volunteers standing by during the early months of the season to sign-up new members and help new members get acclimated to the lab.”

Class Instruction:
We offer classes for beginning thru advanced computer users from November thru March for both Mac and Windows based systems on many subjects. We try to find volunteer instructors for all requested classes. Classes are available only to members and are offered free. Signup sheets are posted outside the lab.

Computer Problems Labs:

Scheduled Saturday mornings (as technicians are available) provide a time when members can bring computer questions, problems or concerns to the lab to be assisted by knowledgeable volunteers. We do not attempt to replace or do the work of professional technicians. If we can assist with a problem, we will attempt to do so. If the problem is of greater time or skill level than we can provide, we will suggest that you make arrangements with a professional technician at your convenience. We do not make house calls; therefore, we cannot help you with peripheral hardware such as personal printers, scanners, et cetera. First-come, first-served; take a number for assistance. No charge for members.

Computer Club meetings are held in the Dakota Room adjacent to the Computer Lab. These meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 am.

The meetings begin with the Computer Club Business and then a program is presented that consist of speakers from various organizations such as local law enforcement, public library representatives, technical service providers and our own technical volunteer staff. We keep our members current with discussions about Roadhaven Resort’s progress in applying current technology to many of Roadhaven products such as Wi-Fi, Roadhaven Website, & Communicates. We place a great deal of emphasis on current and future technology, such as Social Media, iPads, Ultra Books, Notebooks, Smart Phones, and the Cloud technology. Our goal is to educate our community so that they might make wise decisions in their personal technological choices now and in the future.