Computer Club

The Roadhaven Computer Lab is housed in the northwest corner of the Apache Building. The Computer Lab is available to provide members of the computer club a place to practice skills, receive instruction and training in many different areas of interest. We are a club whose members help one another, and we enjoy the strong support of our volunteers!

We also enjoy high-speed Internet access. Our lab is beautifully furnished with new custom designed computer stations. Our club proudly supports both Windows and Macintosh systems, and we welcome ALL computer users, from beginners to highly skilled.

There are nine (9) desktop computers, including two (2) Macintosh Computers with split hard drives to accommodate Mac & Windows operating systems. In addition, we have one (1) Windows Notebook and one (1) Mac iPad for the members' convenience. There is seating space for about seventeen (17) laptops. There is one (1) color and one (1) black & white printer, slide & photo scanner, a new ceiling mount projector, and a wall-mounted screen.

In addition, a ceiling-mounted projector and a wall-mounted screen are also available in the Dakota Room for committee meetings, classes, and club business and program meetings that are held on the second Tuesday morning of each month from 9:00 AM -10:30 AM.

There is joy and excitement in learning and in imparting knowledge, with the computer lab being a vibrant and fun place to learn and to teach. Please feel free to join us for the coming season.