Computer Lab

The Roadhaven Computer Lab is housed in the northwest corner of the Apache Building. It is available to provide members of the computer club a place to practice skills, receive instruction and training in many different areas of interest. We are a club whose members help one another, and we enjoy the strong support of our volunteers!

We also enjoy high-speed Internet access. Our lab is beautifully furnished with a number of custom designed computer stations, supporting both Windows and Macintosh systems, and we welcome ALL computer users, from beginners to highly skilled.

AS well as a number of desktop computers, there are both color and black & white printer/scanners, a ceiling mount projector, and a wall-mounted screen.  There is seating space for about seventeen (17) laptops.

There is joy and excitement in learning and in imparting knowledge, with the computer lab being a vibrant and fun place to learn and to teach. Please feel free to join us for the coming season.