Communications and Website Committee


In accordance with the Bylaws of Roadhaven Resort, the Communications & Website Committee is established as a standing committee by the Board of Directors.

The purpose of the Communications & Website Committee is to:

  • review the communications & website needs and requirements within Roadhaven
  • determine the appropriate & necessary stakeholders
  • recommend information to be disseminated to Roadhaven homeowners
  • investigate and develop the best methods in which to communicate that information
  • develop the processes necessary to effectively facilitate Roadhaven communications & the website.


Ultimate responsibility for determining the information to be disseminated within the park remains with the General Manager, Board of Directors, Staff, Standing Committees and Clubs.  The Communications & Website Committee will work with these entities and the homeowners to help assure all required and desired information is being communicated, the appropriate processes are established, and all media are being effectively used to assure the best possible communication.


The Communications & Website Committee is not responsible for the Technical and Operational aspects of the Roadhaven Website or Audio/Visual systems and equipment. This responsibility shall remain within the Website and Audio/Visual teams & committees previously established. The Communications & Website Committee will remain in close coordination with these groups to coordinate requirements and processes.