Roadhaven Church

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The Church is a non-denominational ministry operated for, and by, residents of Roadhaven Resort. Our objective is to glorify the Lord, teach biblical truth, and provide a place of worship and Christian fellowship with their neighbors.

The Church ministry is governed by a committee from the membership of the congregation under the leadership of a chairman of the committee. The committee meets for business meetings on the third Monday of each month.

Church services are held every Sunday from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM in the Recreation Hall beginning the first Sunday in November until Easter Sunday. This is a non-denominational service, and everyone is welcome. We end the service with a fellowship of coffee and cookies, which are provided by members of the congregation.

Our pastor, Dr. Jack Martin, has served as our pastor since 1989. Besides leading tours of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Greece, he has also had briefings with Congress many times and will attend again this year.

In 2016 the Roadhaven Church donated over $18,000.00 to local charities such as Apache Junction Food Bank, Genesis Project, Salvation Army, Hope Women Center, CAAFA (Community Alliance Against Family Abuse), Project Help AJSD.  Other charities out of state such as, Disabled American Veterans, Cookson Hills Christian Home, Kids First Law Center and O.C.C. (Operation Christmas Child, shoe boxes).  The church has sponsored over 140 college scholarships over the last 20 years for Apache Junction high school students. The church has sponsored college scholarships for more than 30 years in Apache Junction high school students. In addition to these items, the church and Roadhaven residents partnered again to donate thousands of pounds of food and over $500. Over the past years, the church has contributed thousands of dollars that have benefited everyone in Roadhaven Resort such as chairs, a grand piano and organ, an updated sound system, and decor.

Men's Bible Study is each Monday Morning at 7:30 AM, from November through Easter.  Attendance is with up to thirty men who study of bible scriptures with serious discussion of the subjects.