Leaving Roadhaven for the Season?

We realize that leaving Roadhaven this season is different from other seasons with all that is happening with Covid-19.  

In order to protect our staff and you, we ask that you click on this link -  (Check-Out)  - to check out online. 

We ask you to leave mailing labels in your mailbox so that we can forward your first class mail to your summer home.  If you do not have any forwarding labels, please leave an envelope in your mailbox along with your forwarding address plus $1.50.  We will create mailing labels for you. 

We can then start forwarding your first class mail and alert Secutiy that your property is empty.

If anything changes, please resubmit this form and make a note in the "Comments" section that you will have a different departure date so that we can change our records accordingly.

Thank you.