Roadhaven Vision and Mission Statement

The Roadhaven Board of Directors is dedicated to doing everything possible to assure Roadhaven Resort is one of the premier resorts in the East Valley.

The Roadhaven vision includes five objectives integrated to promote:
  • An Attractive Community
  • A Friendly and Progressive Culture
  • A High Quality Lifestyle
  • Active Stewardship
  • Financial Stability
To these ends, we have established processes for architectural control, long range facilities and financial planning, an annual reserve analysis, a recreation council, progressive communication technologies, and routine rules and regulations review and update. We have a progressive General Manager with over twenty years experience in management of resorts such as Roadhaven. We have a proud record of extensive volunteering, and our culture reflects our friendliness and willingness to work and have fun together. 


The mission of the Roadhaven Board of Directors is to ensure an environment where the Roadhaven Community 
can achieve an enhanced quality of life, in a fiscally responsible manner, by optimizing property values, 
and planning for the future.