Roadhaven Art Club

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Members of our Art Club enjoy a special environment that enables them to explore their artistic endeavors. We vary in our level of art experience and expertise, but together enjoy seeing the flourishing of our talents. Our class instructors are very well qualified, friendly and supportive.  Whether you consider yourself a novice or more experienced art student, you will find the appropriate class in the medium of your choice, (Acrylic, Oils, Pastels or Watercolor, Mixed Media).

When classes are not in session, the studio is open for general use for Art Club members and many of us enjoy that relaxed atmosphere, while sharing ideas and getting to know each other.

Some of our many other conveniences are:

  • Drawers to store our art supplies
  • Easels in a variety of sizes
  • Drawing projector
  • Laser Printer
  • Art Library
  • Mat Cutter

Our main event of the season is the Art Show and Raffle which is held in February each year.  We hope you can make it to this fun event. This features the work of all of our artists, as well as raffle items contributed by the members.

Our $15.00 Art Club membership allows full use of the Art Studio, and attendance to classes. Each instructor charges a nominal fee per class and is paid directly by the student. We are located just west of the Recreation Hall. To learn more or join the Art Club, please contact any of the Officers on the Officer list, or come visit us in the Art Studio.

Loretta Atwood