Activity Office

Roadhaven's Activities Director plans a variety of programs and events for our residents to enjoy.  Activities include casino trips, educational speaker series, dances, and sell-out variety shows and tributes. 

The Activities Office publishes flyers for all upcoming shows containing information on costs and registration deadlines. Our Director hosts a weekly Coffee and Donuts gathering where residents can enjoy a cup of coffee and hear about upcoming events.  We also post and distribute our Roadhaven Review, a monthly publication geared toward upcoming events, club articles and updates.

Tickets are sold through the Activity Office during normal business hours.

Room requests are booked through the Activities Director using the Reservation option under the Activities tab.


October - April
Monday through Friday

8:30 am to 1:30 pm

May - September


Tracey Jennings
Telephone: 480-671-4659
Fax: 480-982-3833