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Before submitting your ad, please review our renter's version  of the General Rules and Regulations. It has been abbreviated to include rules that only apply to renters and/or guests. If you would like to review the entire General Rules and Regulations Document, it is also available on the same web page as the renter's version or in the Front Office.

There is no cost to have your listing on the website...we just ask that you email us at when you have secured a rental property so we may remove your listing from the website.

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Occupancy of rentals is prohibited by the Roadhaven CC&R's during the summer months of June through September.
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No more than two (2) generally recognized house pets shall be permitted per lot, and said pet(s) must be owned by the resident owner or tenant wherein the pet(s) reside.  Only dogs twenty-five (25) pounds or less will be allowed.  Pet owners must register their pets with the Business Office and must show proof of current vaccination including rabies and license or registration required by law.  Pets are permitted only on the pet owner’s property, streets and sidewalks adjacent to the streets, and designated pet area.

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Roadhaven Resort of Apache Junction is intended to constitute housing intended and operated for occupancy by two (2) persons on each lot. There must be at least one (1) person fifty-five (55) years of age or older per unit under the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 and the Arizona Fair Housing Act (collectively, the “Fair Housing Acts”).  No person under eighteen (18) years of age shall occupy or reside in a recreational vehicle.

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