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Policies and Procedures as Approved by the Board of Directors

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1036030323770 Animal Accommodation Animal Accommodation1155 KBAnimal Accommodation.pdf10/25/2019
1136030223770 Building Room Hours.Winter.Summer Building Room Hours.Winter.Summer037 KBBuilding Room Hours.Winter.Summer.pdf10/25/2019
1236030123770 Catering Vendors.Outside Catering Vendors.Outside237 KBCatering Vendors.Outside.pdf10/25/2019
1336030023770 Common Area Usage Common Area Usage158 KBCommon Area Usage.pdf10/25/2019
1436029923770 Mail Room Procedure Mail Room Procedure347 KBMail Room Procedure.pdf10/25/2019
1536029823770 Records Retention Records Retention0103 KBRecords Retention.pdf10/25/2019
1636029723770 Renovation.Change of Club Facilities Renovation.Change of Club Facilities034 KBRenovation.Change of Club Facilities.pdf10/25/2019
1736029623770 Rental Property.Homeowner Rental Property.Homeowner134 KBRental Property.Homeowner.pdf10/25/2019
1836029523770 Request for Proposal (RFP) Request for Proposal (RFP)0180 KBRequest for Proposal (RFP).pdf10/25/2019